750 years ago this week

The end of June 1263 saw Montfort begin the final campaign to force a provisional government on Henry and his […]

The speech that might have been

The speech Simon reportedly addressed to the troops before Lewes is full of religious hyperbole, with little indication of the oratory […]

England’s first constitution

May – June 1264 The battle won, Simon quickly secured the surrender of Henry and Edward by agreeing to two […]

The road to Lewes

1264 As usual, the initial fighting broke out in the west. Henry de Montfort scored an early triumph by bottling […]

Never to perjurers and apostates

1263 The turmoil resulted in much spoliation of property, the ruffians playing a major role in it, and the demands […]

On the brink

1263 Edward was the first to return. Scolded by his father for “indolence and wantoness” while the Welsh ravaged the […]

More arbitration, more disaffection

1262 When the two sides could not agree on any amendments to the Provisions, the arbitrator, Richard of Cornwall, ruled […]

Cracks in the opposition

1259 In January, two years after he was elected King of the Romans, Richard prepared to return home. The barons […]

Another king in the family

1257 Earlier in that disastrous year Richard left for Aachen to be crowned King of the Romans, which was a […]

The third son

1208 Simon de Montfort was described as “tall in body and handsome in face.” He was also said to have […]