Just like his father

September 1264 – December 1264 The legate’s interference put enormous pressure on the English prelates who had thrown in their […]

The road to Lewes

1264 As usual, the initial fighting broke out in the west. Henry de Montfort scored an early triumph by bottling […]

Unmindful of his own honour

January 1264 A truce was to be observed during the course of arbitration. Henry being Henry, he ordered Roger Mortimer, […]

Blood money

1255 Six months earlier Henry had sold the custody of the Jews to Richard so that he might “disembowel those […]

Jew’s Court

Known as Jew’s Court, this house in Lincoln was long considered the scene of the crime. In 1910, the owner […]

A boy named Hugh

1255 On 31 July a fatherless boy named Hugh disappeared in the city of Lincoln. Told he was last seen […]

Pay or quit the kingdom

1243 There was nothing like a wedding to bring out the best in Henry and he used the occasion of […]

Always the Jews

1231 The expedition was a total failure. Young Henry looked splendid in his armor until dysentery took hold of him […]