King Henry III, Eleanor of Provence, Simon and Eleanor de Montfort – Their struggle over monarchy and parliament in 13th century England

August 4th

Apparently any commemoration of the battle of Evesham, which raged 748 years ago this day, will find the area around […]

London 1263 – 2013

Not much turnout for the reenactment of the demonstration against Queen Eleanor in July 1263. Perhaps all the excitement about […]

Evesham and Tewkesbury

Evesham was one of the turning points in English history. Go to the battle site today and see if you […]

Day trip to Lewes

Everybody talks about terrible English weather but it was another glorious day for the trip to Lewes. The way there […]

Outing to Odiham

Took advantage of the incredibly splendid weather in England to visit Odiham Castle in Hampshire. Getting there was an experience […]

750 years ago this week

The end of June 1263 saw Montfort begin the final campaign to force a provisional government on Henry and his […]

The first English air force

Simon de Montfort was considered an innovator when it came to warfare in England, but did he actually plan to […]

Roger and Maud

Check out the snappy new website put up by the Mortimer History Society (yes, the Roger) at:

Another 14 May is here

…and a check around Montfort websites indicates very little activity recalling the 749th anniversary of that eventful day. The Battlefields Trust is […]

The speech that might have been

The speech Simon reportedly addressed to the troops before Lewes is full of religious hyperbole, with little indication of the oratory […]

Some inflation

Last month I scored a used copy of Denholm-Young’s ‘Richard of Cornwall’ from a bookseller in the States. Less than […]

Edward’s fears come true

1266 – 1272 The sense of regret and loss that prevailed in the family can be seen by the later […]

See a bright light? Keep going.

Being saved from death was hardly considered a miracle in medieval times. According to the authors of this book, if […]

The Disinherited

1265 – 1267 Henry was again the ‘illustrious king of England’ when he summoned Parliament to appear before him in […]

Edward closes the trap

June – August 1265 Foolishly or not, Simon had retained the services of Gilbert’s brother Thomas as a sign of […]

The Great Parliament

December 1264 – March 1265 The peak of Simon’s power came in December 1264 when he sent out a summons […]

Just like his father

September 1264 – December 1264 The legate’s interference put enormous pressure on the English prelates who had thrown in their […]

England’s first constitution

May – June 1264 The battle won, Simon quickly secured the surrender of Henry and Edward by agreeing to two […]

The road to Lewes

1264 As usual, the initial fighting broke out in the west. Henry de Montfort scored an early triumph by bottling […]

Unmindful of his own honour

January 1264 A truce was to be observed during the course of arbitration. Henry being Henry, he ordered Roger Mortimer, […]

Never to perjurers and apostates

1263 The turmoil resulted in much spoliation of property, the ruffians playing a major role in it, and the demands […]

On the brink

1263 Edward was the first to return. Scolded by his father for “indolence and wantoness” while the Welsh ravaged the […]