King Henry III, Eleanor of Provence, Simon and Eleanor de Montfort – Their struggle over monarchy and parliament in 13th century England


On this day 750 years ago, Parliament concluded in Westminster Hall with a ceremony handing the Lord Edward over to […]

Salute to Eleanor de Montfort

Marking this International Women’s Day with a salute to Eleanor de Montfort, whose vital role in her husband’s government can […]


Three new articles have rounded out the tour so far, including the view that Montfort’s contribution to the development of […]

The world of Templars

Today the virtual book tour comes to the blogspot of John Paul Davis, the author of The Gothic King (Henry III) whose other […]

Virtual book tour

The virtual tour for With All For All kicks off today at with me explaining why a book on Simon de […]

The gathering crisis

On this date, 16 February 1265, Simon had to move to avert a crisis over a tournament proposed between his […]

Valentine’s Day

On this day in 1265, Henry III and his son Lord Edward stood in the chapter house of Westminster Abbey, which […]

Upcoming virtual book tour

The schedule for the upcoming virtual book tour 23/02/14 – Launch with Peter at Medievalists featuring a video spot with […]

Injudicious judgement

On the 23rd of January 1264, Louis IX made one of the most incredible blunders in the history of political […]

The House will come to order

On this day, the 20th of January 1265, a national assembly convened in Westminster like none other before it. Only […]

Royal wedding and firestorm

On 7 January 1238 Henry III gave his youngest sister Eleanor in marriage to Simon de Montfort. Rarely has a […]

2014 comes to an end

The year, not the website, for things really start to heat up in 1265 as Simon tries to consolidate his position, culminating […]

On this day 750 years ago

‘Henry, by the grace of God king of England, lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine. Since after the grave […]

The final snub

The proposal the bishops brought back with them to England called for yet more talks and for each side to […]

Papal intimidation

Further peace initiatives came and went until finally, on 24 September 1264, an envoy of Montfortians left for Boulogne to […]

Louis the farmer

Nobody was more anxious for the invasion force to disperse than Henry. In his letters to Louis, he indicated he […]

The ingratitude of the English

The Ordinance was barely a week old when the feudal host was called out to repel an invasion force being […]

Speaking of anniversaries

June 28 is remembered today as the centennial of Gavrilo Princip leaving a sandwich bar in Sarajevo and putting a bullet […]

Keeping the peace

The hostilities may have ceased after the victory at Lewes, but confusion and disarray were everywhere, much of it the […]

Lewes 750 years ago this day

Unlike many battles, which by their nature are terrible and destructive events, Lewes stands out for certain features that give […]

The battle lines are drawn

On 6 May 1264 Montfort marched his army out of London to seek out the king. The move may have […]

At least one victory

Henry lost at Lewes and was on the losing side at Evesham, but he did have one victory when, on […]

Appeasement be damned

Taking a detour from the 750th anniversary of Lewes and Montfort’s parliament, 14 March 1939 marks the 75th anniversary of […]