King Henry III, Eleanor of Provence, Simon and Eleanor de Montfort – Their struggle over monarchy and parliament in 13th century England

The Ordinance of 1264

On 28 June 1264 an ordinance was sealed by Parliament following the victory of the Montfortian party at Lewes six […]

Wheel of Fortune

On 14 June 1261 Henry III was at Winchester, the city of his birth, to proclaim that Pope Alexander IV […]

The Savior and the Changeling

The Song of Lewes is arguably the first great masterpiece of political literature in England and yet its composition in […]

Robin of Flimwell

On May 2nd in 1264 Henry’s favorite cook named Thomas was killed by an unseen archer while riding out ahead […]

Seizing the initiative

With the war being lost after the loss of Northampton, Montfort knew he needed to draw the king’s forces south […]

London’s Kristallnacht

The ease with which Northampton fell generated rumors that traitors were at work, and in London, as in any city […]

And all our yesterdays

It couldn’t be put off any longer. On 1 April 1265 Simon and his retinue left Odiham, destination Northampton, meant […]

The final gathering

It was on 19 March 1265 that Simon arrived at Odiham for what would be the last time the Montfort […]

King “during pleasure”

On this day 750 years ago the mayor of London, Thomas Fitz-Thomas, led the aldermen of that city to St. […]


On this day 750 years ago, Parliament concluded in Westminster Hall with a ceremony handing the Lord Edward over to […]

Salute to Eleanor de Montfort

Marking this International Women’s Day with a salute to Eleanor de Montfort, whose vital role in her husband’s government can […]


Three new articles have rounded out the tour so far, including the view that Montfort’s contribution to the development of […]

The world of Templars

Today the virtual book tour comes to the blogspot of John Paul Davis, the author of The Gothic King (Henry III) whose other […]

Virtual book tour

The virtual tour for With All For All kicks off today at with me explaining why a book on Simon de […]

The gathering crisis

On this date, 16 February 1265, Simon had to move to avert a crisis over a tournament proposed between his […]

Valentine’s Day

On this day in 1265, Henry III and his son Lord Edward stood in the chapter house of Westminster Abbey, which […]

Upcoming virtual book tour

The schedule for the upcoming virtual book tour 23/02/14 – Launch with Peter at Medievalists featuring a video spot with […]

Injudicious judgement

On the 23rd of January 1264, Louis IX made one of the most incredible blunders in the history of political […]

The House will come to order

On this day, the 20th of January 1265, a national assembly convened in Westminster like none other before it. Only […]

Royal wedding and firestorm

On 7 January 1238 Henry III gave his youngest sister Eleanor in marriage to Simon de Montfort. Rarely has a […]

2014 comes to an end

The year, not the website, for things really start to heat up in 1265 as Simon tries to consolidate his position, culminating […]

On this day 750 years ago

‘Henry, by the grace of God king of England, lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine. Since after the grave […]