Make no bones about

Richard IIIA dispute, it would seem, has broken out between York and Leicester over the rights to bones that were recently discovered and reputed to belong to Richard III. The Yorkists naturally base their claim on Richard being one of them, whereas the bones were found in Leicester, and ownership is, as the saying goes, nine-tenths of the law. Strange such a squabble should erupt over a man whose most endearing fame… read more…



Alien Blood

Edmund RichThe war of the clicks has begun and the Internet is the battleground. A novel that provocatively suggests that Simon de Montfort was the real father of Edward I has offended otherwise polite society. They hope to skewer the book by bombarding a one-star review of it with “helpful” clicks. Supporters are now fighting back by clicking the five-star reviews. The lines are drawn, may the best mouse win. The dispute involves… read more…



Edward and the Montfort boys

Simon, Amaury and Guy
                                                                  Simon, Amaury and Guy

The great knight William Marshal had five sons who grew up to manhood but not one of them had issue. Legend has it that an Irish bishop, in a squabble over some property, had cursed him and his family with ultimate extinction. Simon and Eleanor (remember, the first wife of William Marshal II) also had five adult sons, but only one of them, Guy, left behind children. The oldest, Henry, fell with his father at Evesham. His incredibly erratic brother Simon died forlorn and on the run in Italy. The clever one in the family…read more… 


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