Anniversary conference

Next Wednesday, the 16th of November, marks 750 years since Henry III died at his palace in Westminster. The legacy […]

A difference of three decades

On the 20th of January in 1236, Eleanor of Provence was crowned queen of England. A mounted troop and the […]

Blandin of Cornwall

On this 14th of January in 1236, Henry III married Eleanor of Provence in Canterbury. A fanciful story has come […]

Death of Henry III

Henry III died on this day of 16 November in 1272 in his chamber at Westminster Palace. His last months […]

Authentic history

The annals of Tewkesbury reports that on this St Michael’s Day in 1258, Salisbury Cathedral was consecrated in the presence […]

Eleanor and Edward

Sometime in the late hours of this day in 1239, Eleanor of Provence gave birth to a boy she and […]

Henry and Simon Part Two

Henry III and Simon de Montfort were about the same age, in their early twenties, both were unmarried and as […]

Henry and Simon Part One

So how did Simon (VI) de Montfort come to settle in England in the first place? The answer is a […]

Philip II de Montfort

When Charles of Anjou moved in to conquer the kingdom of Sicily in 1265, he chose Philip II de Montfort […]


The de Montfort family of the 13th century held lordships from Wales to the Holy Land. That gave them ample […]

Thick bloodline

Historic adversaries Henry III (d. 1272) and Simon de Montfort (d. 1265) were actually kin twice over. They were both […]


On this day of 25 April in 1263 Simon (VI) de Montfort returned to England after nearly 18 months of […]

War or peace

April 23rd marks the greatest failure of Henry III’s 56 years on the throne. It is, of course, St George’s […]

Scottish heir

A son and heir to the throne of Scotland was born on this day of 21 January in 1264 to […]

Two rising stars

In the late 1230s, there were two rising stars at the court of Henry III. The first was Simon de […]

London Bridge

In the summer of 1263, a populist reformer named Simon de Montfort led an armed uprising against King Henry III […]

Marriage between equals

On this day of 14 January in 1236, Henry III and Eleanor of Provence were married in Canterbury. She was […]

Court Astronomer

A great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will appear visibly the closest in the early evening sky of today’s December […]