The spare who didn’t whine all the time

The BBC has naturally weighed in on the controversy of the Spare memoir about to come out. Their correspondent writes that there are “historical templates” for the rivalry between royal siblings. “Think of Bad King John versus Good King Richard” in a “power struggle between brothers”. Completely laughable […]

Empress Isabella and her brothers

The sons of King John, Henry III and Richard of Cornwall, were close to their sister Empress Isabella, who died […]

Anniversary conference

Next Wednesday, the 16th of November, marks 750 years since Henry III died at his palace in Westminster. The legacy […]

A difference of three decades

On the 20th of January in 1236, Eleanor of Provence was crowned queen of England. A mounted troop and the […]

Blandin of Cornwall

On this 14th of January in 1236, Henry III married Eleanor of Provence in Canterbury. A fanciful story has come […]

Death of Henry III

Henry III died on this day of 16 November in 1272 in his chamber at Westminster Palace. His last months […]

Authentic history

The annals of Tewkesbury reports that on this St Michael’s Day in 1258, Salisbury Cathedral was consecrated in the presence […]

Eleanor and Edward

Sometime in the late hours of this day in 1239, Eleanor of Provence gave birth to a boy she and […]

Henry and Simon Part Two

Henry III and Simon de Montfort were about the same age, in their early twenties, both were unmarried and as […]

Henry and Simon Part One

So how did Simon (VI) de Montfort come to settle in England in the first place? The answer is a […]

Philip II de Montfort

When Charles of Anjou moved in to conquer the kingdom of Sicily in 1265, he chose Philip II de Montfort […]


The de Montfort family of the 13th century held lordships from Wales to the Holy Land. That gave them ample […]

Thick bloodline

Historic adversaries Henry III (d. 1272) and Simon de Montfort (d. 1265) were actually kin twice over. They were both […]


On this day of 25 April in 1263 Simon (VI) de Montfort returned to England after nearly 18 months of […]

War or peace

April 23rd marks the greatest failure of Henry III’s 56 years on the throne. It is, of course, St George’s […]

Scottish heir

A son and heir to the throne of Scotland was born on this day of 21 January in 1264 to […]

Two rising stars

In the late 1230s, there were two rising stars at the court of Henry III. The first was Simon de […]

London Bridge

In the summer of 1263, a populist reformer named Simon de Montfort led an armed uprising against King Henry III […]