My road to this website began many years ago with an innocuous book about the kings and queens of England and an entry about this French fellow defeating his brother-in-law the king and ruling in his name before his own demise at the hands of the king’s son. This was the story of Henry III and Simon de Montfort, one of the great political duels in European history. In all the years since then, neither Henry nor Simon made any shortlist of historical figures I could see myself writing about one day until a chance visit to England rekindled that bit of boyhood inspiration. Today that interest has expanded to include their wives, both named Eleanor, and Simon’s wife being Henry’s sister makes their lives that much more intriguing. My dual biography of both women was released in the autumn of 2019. A biography of the entire De Montfort clan should appear in November 2020. Like the others, it too was written in the little corner of the Czech Republic where I live, snug between Poland and Slovakia, but the availability of online resources has allowed me to do the research and enjoy this particular history in general. 

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