In the year 1245

This year started off with the birth of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence’s second and youngest son Edmund. Endowments for younger sons were always a problem but that would prove an understatement in Edmund’s case. Henry’s campaign in Wales got underway, but supplies and auxiliaries from Ireland were slow coming in. It became a mess like all his campaigns there, so he left for another project he started that year, one more in tune to his abilities, the reconstruction of Westminster Abbey. He also continued rebuilding his relationship to the Montforts by giving them a lucrative wardship and pardoning more debts. But at the end of this year, the last of the Marshal sons died. They were obliged to pay Eleanor de Montfort her dower from her marriage to the oldest son William II. Now that obligation was divided up among the 18 heirs of the Marshal sisters. It would commence a squabble that, in its own way, helped launch the civil war later on.

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