Biography of Simon de Montfort

With All For All is the first biography of Simon de Montfort in twenty years, since John Maddicott’s authoritative work. The title comes from a phrase used by David Carpenter to describe Montfort’s headstrong ambition, how he ‘carried all before him’. The book offers no surprises, only seeks to present Montfort, clearly one of the great figures of his age, in a light more appreciable than the current opinion on the man and his family. It offers 37 images, a timeline, cast, and introduction that sets the stage for what’s to come. The end of the month will see a virtual book tour take place, a series of articles and interviews hosted by several websites dedicated to medieval history and figures of interest:

24/02/15 – Author interview with Kasia, the keeper of Lesser Realm and everything you want to know about Henry the Young King.

25/02/15 – John Paul Davis, the author of The Gothic King: A Biography of Henry III, will post a guest article about how the Montfortian struggle was viewed by the chronicler ‘The Templar of Tyre’.

26/02/15 – Rebecca’s The History Vault will post a guest article explaining how Montfort’s contribution to the development of Parliament was more than just summoning the burgesses in 1265.

27/02/15 – Kathryn Warner, the author of Edward II: The Unconventional King, will post a guest article comparing Simon de Montfort and Thomas of Lancaster, together with a free copy giveaway

28/02/15 – Sara Cockerill, the author of Eleanor of Castile: The Shadow Queen, will post a guest article on whether there might have ever been a King Simon.

01/03/15 – Montfortian scholar Kathleen Neal at Thirteenth Century England will finish off the tour with a few questions for the author.

2 thoughts on “Biography of Simon de Montfort”

  1. Great interview with Kasia at the Young King’s abode. I had the wrong Simon de Montfort in mind when I saw the book. This one is far more interesting than his pyromaniac sire.
    It is confusing to keep all the Henris and Eleanors straight.
    Grand merci, Sire, I will look for this book.
    Mr. Baker, cheering you on and looking forward to Henry III bio. His mother Isabella had a real love for Lusignan as she took off as soon as John’s body got cold. Good for her, and I hope “they lived happily ever after.”
    Curious to know what kind of father John was.

    1. Thanks, Daniella, afraid Isabella and Hugh didn’t live happily ever after. though. They had nine children, failed in an uprising against Louis, were accused of poisoning him, she died walled up in a nunnery, he on the beaches of Egypt during Louis’ crusade. Really interesting couple!

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