King Henry III, Eleanor of Provence, Simon and Eleanor de Montfort – Their struggle over monarchy and parliament in 13th century England

Louis the farmer

Nobody was more anxious for the invasion force to disperse than Henry. In his letters to Louis, he indicated he […]

The ingratitude of the English

The Ordinance was barely a week old when the feudal host was called out to repel an invasion force being […]

Speaking of anniversaries

June 28 is remembered today as the centennial of Gavrilo Princip leaving a sandwich bar in Sarajevo and putting a bullet […]

Keeping the peace

The hostilities may have ceased after the victory at Lewes, but confusion and disarray were everywhere, much of it the […]

Lewes 750 years ago this day

Unlike many battles, which by their nature are terrible and destructive events, Lewes stands out for certain features that give […]

The battle lines are drawn

On 6 May 1264 Montfort marched his army out of London to seek out the king. The move may have […]

At least one victory

Henry lost at Lewes and was on the losing side at Evesham, but he did have one victory when, on […]

Appeasement be damned

Taking a detour from the 750th anniversary of Lewes and Montfort’s parliament, 14 March 1939 marks the 75th anniversary of […]

Richard’s weak spot

Well, maybe not so quickly. Henry had ordered the royalist barons to assemble in Windsor, but it took him nine […]

Avoiding spring break in Oxford

Henry spent more on Dover than any other castle during his reign. He must have therefore found it infuriating that […]

Letting the French decide

Having missed his chance to bag his adversary along the Thames, Henry retreated to Windsor to draw up his letters […]

Chief disturber of the realm

On November 22nd, 1263, Pope Urban IV, who had issued bulls both in favour and against the Provisions, now came […]

Turning tail

Of all the defections to the king in the autumn of 1263, when the English turned tail according to a […]

Edward in his element

How Henry loved the October 13th feast day of St. Edward! In 1255 he swallowed the yarn about the Jews […]

The March on London

The October newsletter is out, addressing the events of 750 years ago and the parliament Edward and his cohorts disrupted, […]

12 September 1213

Eight centuries ago this day the crusader army under Simon de Montfort III left their besieged position at Muret to […]

Nothing learned from experience

Having barely survived the slaughter of Evesham, Henry was ready to reassert not just his authority but also his dignity. […]

Alms for Simon’s soul

Eleanor’s household roll reveals she gave alms for the repose of her husband’s soul on two occasions: 153 silver pennies […]

August 4th

Apparently any commemoration of the battle of Evesham, which raged 748 years ago this day, will find the area around […]

London 1263 – 2013

Not much turnout for the reenactment of the demonstration against Queen Eleanor in July 1263. Perhaps all the excitement about […]

Evesham and Tewkesbury

Evesham was one of the turning points in English history. Go to the battle site today and see if you […]

Day trip to Lewes

Everybody talks about terrible English weather but it was another glorious day for the trip to Lewes. The way there […]