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My road to Simon de Montfort began many years ago with an innocuous book about the kings and queens of England and an entry about this French fellow defeating his brother-in-law the king and ruling in his name before his own demise at the hands of the king’s son. In all the years since, Montfort never made any shortlist of historical figures I could see myself writing about one day until a chance visit to England rekindled that bit of boyhood inspiration. The books I found on him, however, offered no ingratiating adventurer out to reconstruct the English monarchy, rather a “harsh, greedy and utterly unscrupulous” medieval baron. This website, the Provisions newsletter, and my biography With All For All are not part of some attempt to set the record straight. In fact, I draw much of my material from the works of the unmoved, for even they will have to admit that his story (and Henry’s, for they are in so many ways intertwined) has an engaging quality about it that’s worth retelling no matter what the personal verdict of the man himself.

To be besotted with a figure or event from history does not necessarily qualify one to write about them. My only official recognition in the field came way back in high school, when I was honored for excellence in history during my senior year. I went into the Navy after graduation, and while the military does indeed have historians, I somehow ended up in the nuclear field of all places. But it did put me on a submarine, where I was able to use all that free time underwater pursuing history as a pastime, limited only by the amount of books I could stuff into my rack. Attending university afterwards, I decided to focus my studies on languages, Russian in particular, as preparation for a tour behind the Iron Curtain some day. Who would’ve guessed that curtain coming down one month before taking my degree. I live today in a corner of the Czech Republic, snug between Poland and Slovakia, but the Internet has allowed me to acquire the sources necessary for doing biographical work. Just after With All For All went to publication, I began work on a biography of Henry III because he too was in need of a facelift in the modern era. By the time I finished, 18 months later, it was a facelift indeed. The subtitle is ‘The Great King England Never Knew It Had’.

Feel free to contact me any time at darren@simon2014.com.

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  1. Hi, bit late to the table here but I have just finished your book With All For All. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed every moment of it, as I too have a bit of an interest in the man De Montfort. I look forward to anything you write in the future, and I will be using this site for perusal for a while. Again thankyou, riveting read.

    1. Many thanks, David, for your comments. I have just now finished a biography of Henry, should be out in September. It takes a more comprehensive and sympathetic look at this neglected king and will offer plenty more detail about his struggle with Simon.

  2. I am also a bit late to the table here, but better late than never:) I am about to start your Simon book, cannot wait to learn more about an intriguing character of the 13th century…and whose life intertwined with my fave king’s;)

    1. The book starts with a famous meeting between Simon and Henry on the banks of the Thames. I went in search of the spot thereabouts, today an ordinary street. You read more about it in the article “The King Came-A-Calling”.

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